Our PDPA services offer the most suitable solutions for your organizations by well-experienced legal professional team because your data matters.

We provide customized documentation, online training and consultation for your business to comply with Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 (2019) together with advance data-driven platforms.

Why PDPA Service ?

We support our customers with the most suitable product for your budgets, business objectives and needs. We are able to provide several aspects of PDPA services for your business to fully comply with the PDPA requirements.

Data-driven approaches

Nowadays, the importance of data is increasing due to the business potential it can provide. This is considered essential to understand internal data that circulated within the organization and utilize the data to gain profits. At Predictive, we understand and aim to support your organizations regarding PDPA.

In-depth PDPA knowledge

We have well-experienced legal professional team who will support you through the PDPA implementation and guide the best practice which is the most suitable procedures for your business.

Customized solutions

At Predictive, we understand your business goals and objectives and offer the customizable solutions for your organizations

Data Governance

We understand your business core value and aim to build an effective data governance within your organizations.

Full Circle Services

We offer PDPA services in various aspects of area as your requirement and also provide data-driven platforms.

PDPA Our Service

PDPA Customized Documents

We provide customized document in order to comply with PDPA requirements. Thus, we also customize required legal documents to suit with your business objectives.

PDPA Online Awareness Training

We provide summary, guidelines and next step for your business regarding the PDPA. We aim to raise awareness among your organization, including but not limited to, employees, responsible person and the management team.

PDPA Consultation

We provide consultation and guidelines regarding the PDPA, at the same time, understand your needs and rely on your business objectives and goals. This consisted of providing advice directly from legal professional team with in-depth PDPA knowledge.


PDPA Services are suitable for the organization who wish to fully comply with the Personal Data Protection Act B.E.2562 (2019) and be able to fulfill PDPA requirement with the business operations. Our services consisted of Customized Documents for the legal required documents, PDPA Awareness Training for raising PDPA awareness among organizations and PDPA Consultation for PDPA advisory by legal professional team.

To meet PDPA standard,
Our service is the answer