Terms and Conditions of Use

These terms and conditions of use (the “Terms“) are an agreement between Predictive Company Limited (“We“) and users (“You“). These terms govern your acquisition and use of products or services on the Predictive website and any activity related to Predictive  (the “ Website” or the “Service“) 

Scope of Terms and Conditions of Use
You accept and agree to abide by the terms as set forth in these terms and conditions of use. These terms may be amended or added, it shall be deemed that you have read these terms and conditions of use and agree to be bound by such terms and conditions of use, including but not limited to, our privacy notice. In the event that you do not comply with the terms, it may result in the denial of access to use the service on the Website.

Accounts and membership
When you create an account on the Website, you are responsible for all activities that occur as part of your account usage or any other related activities, including the security of your account.

We will not undertake the obligation of new account verification before you log in or use the services. In case that you provide false information, which causes the termination of your account, it is your responsibility to notify us immediately of any unauthorized use of such accounts or any other breach of security. We are not responsible for any damages arising out of your actions or omissions and may suspend, disable or delete your account (as the case may be).

In the event that you violate these terms or act inconsistently to defame our reputation or any actions which appear to affect a risk to defame our reputation, we have the right to delete your account immediately and you will not be able to re-register to use our services. We may also need to block your email address and IP address to prevent your re-registration.

User content
You are solely responsible for the accuracy, completeness, reliability, suitability and ownership of all intellectual property or rights to use the content (“Content”) that you have provided on the Website at your own discretion.

We may check or monitor your content that you submit to or create from the service on the website; We will not use, reproduce, modify, publish or distribute your content for commercial or marketing purposes or for any other purposes, unless specifically authorized by you. We reserve the right to reject or remove any inappropriate content or violate the policy or harm in any way to the terms

Personal Data Protection 
The Company will collect, use and disclose your personal data that you have provided to us. In accordance with the standard specified in our Privacy Notice which constitutes an integral part of these terms and conditions of use. You can learn more about our Privacy Notice on the Website.

The accuracy of information
In case that information of the Website contains errors in accuracy or completeness, such as Typo mistake or omissions in connection with a promotion or offer, we reserve the right to correct the errors or such inaccuracies, including up to date information, cancel a current order or submitted order without the need to notify you in advance. We are not obliged to update, amend or clarify information on the Website or even set the date of change on the Website or other related services after such revision or update. Unless required by law.

Payment and Invoicing
When the payment is due, you are obliged to pay any applicable fees to your account. In the event that you have used the free trial service, you must pay immediately after the trial period has ended. If you have an automatic renewal, you will automatically be billed for your automatic activation of the service that you have chosen.

If your transactions are considered a high-risk transaction, we will ask for a government-issued document with a photo or a copy of the recent bank statement for the credit or debit card used for such a purchase.
We reserve the right to change our products, services, and prices. and activities related to the Website, including cancel or limit orders at any time without notifying or asking for your consent. In case that we change or cancel your order, we will notify you via email, billing address or phone number.

Once we have checked and received your order and payment, we will give you access to the products or services to you as soon as possible. However, all fees are non-refundable.

You acknowledge that before purchasing any products and services on the Website, we reserve the right to refund all products or services after payment. Please carefully read the service details before deciding purchase.

Third-Party Services
In case that you choose to enable, access or use third-party services, you acknowledge that your access or use of such services is solely determined by the terms and conditions of that third-party services. We are not liable for such terms and conditions and we do not warrant such services including but not limited to the content or how they handle information (including your personal data). You waive any claim from Predictive Company Limited in relation to such services. Predictive Company Limited shall not be liable for any damage or loss caused or alleged by or in connection with your choosing, accessing, using or your belief in privacy policy or data processing security or any other policies of such services. You may be required to apply or sign in to such services’ websites. You have authorized Predictive Company to disclose your information to enable use of such services.

Links to other websites
The Website may contain links to other websites. We do not directly or indirectly endorse, join, support, assist, or affiliate with any other website, unless otherwise expressed. We are not obliged to review or evaluate, and we do not endorse or assume responsibility or liability for the offerings of any business or individual. Any content or otherwise obtained through the use of third-party services is at your own discretion and risk; therefore, you need to review the legal terms and terms of use of those websites that you have connected with the Website.

Data backup
We back-up all website content and data. To ensure that the backup data is complete and accurate, we will automatically restore the backed-up data to minimize the impact or downtime.

Restricted Matters
You cannot edit, print, or copy any share of the Website, or merge any parts of the Website with other works (whether in publishing or electronic form or in any other form) or gather any parts of the Website into another website in the form of embedding, framing or any other means without the permission of Predictive Company Limited. You are prohibited from using the Website as the following:

  1. Unlawful purpose
  2. Solicit or encourage others to violate laws and regulations
  3. Acts that violate laws and regulations
  4. Acts that infringe our intellectual property or others
  5. Threat, harassment, defamation, or expressions that lead to discrimination by race, national origin, creed, gender, and disability, or for indecent or immoral purposes.
  6. Import or transmit false or misleading information.
  7. Upload or transmit viruses or other types of malicious code that may be used in any manner and affect its operation or service or related websites or the Internet
  8. Collect or track other personal data
  9. Sending unsolicited messages (spam) or deceiving others by using phony email or phish pages, or redirecting website traffic to steal users data (pharm) or impersonating the right owner to pretext or use spiders or crawl to extract data from other websites (scrape).
  10. To interfere or circumvent with the security features of the service or related websites, other websites or the Internet.
  11. To act or cause the Company to be involved in any disputes or claims, or any actions which we considered inappropriate and may affect the negative reputation of the Company and/or cause any damages.
  12. To use our websites for the purposes of commercial on behalf of oneself or another person

We reserve the right to terminate your use of our service or website from any violation of any prohibited use.

Intellectual Property
This term does not constitute an assignment of any intellectual property rights by Predictive Company Limited. All rights, ownership, and interests, including but not limited to copyrights, patents, trade secrets, and any other intellectual property rights that remain solely between the parties and Predictive Company Limited. Your use of the website and service does not constitute a license or authorization for you to copy, modify, translate or use any trademarks of Predictive Company Limited or any other stakeholders.

No Warranty
By using our website or services, you understand and agree that any activities related to the Company, you are at your own discretion and risk; All Resources we provide are “as is” and “as available”. This means that we do not represent or warrant to you, including but not limited to: warranties of merchantability, suitability for a specific purpose, infringement; the use that meet your needs or requirements, or the use that will be uninterrupted, timely, secure, or free from errors. Furthermore, you understand and agree that any content downloaded or otherwise obtained through the use of our service is downloaded or obtained at your own discretion and risk; that you are solely responsible for any damage to your computer or other devices for any loss of data that may result from the download of such content.

You acknowledge that Predictive Company Limited is not a law firm, attorney, or lawyer. We do not warrant the legality or enforceability of the documents for legal requirements, including contracts, forms and other documents on the Website. Your use of the service, information, forms or documents is at your own risk. Predictive Company Limited and its employees, consultants or attorneys who are involved in providing services reserve the right to make warranty and it expressly does not create any attorney-client relationship by providing you services or information. You need to seek advice from your own company’s legal counsel to assure you that the counseling is consistent with your organization’s business practices.

Limitation of Liability
Predictive Company Limited reserves the right not to be liable to any person as the following:

  1.     Any indirect damage, special damage, punitive damages, indemnity damage or consequential damages including but not limited to damage from profits, revenue, commerce, goodwill, loss of business opportunity.
  2.     Damage or loss caused by force majeure beyond our ability to prevent or control such as riots, shortages, as well as government orders.

However, the liability incurred includes but is not limited to contract, violation, representation, negligence or any other claim against us will be limited to the amount you have paid for the services.

You agree to indemnify Predictive Company Limited for and against all losses, damages or costs, including reasonable attorneys’ fees resulting from any violation, disputes or any claim from a third-party resulting from your use, content or related services, or joining in activities organized by Predictive Company Limited with intentional misconduct.

You are not entitled to assign any rights, all or any part of these terms, to any other person. However, we shall be free to assign part or all of its rights under these terms to third parties as part of our properties, shares or as part of a merger.

Any provision of these terms which is determined to be void, invalid, illegal or unenforceable for any reason shall not affect the remainder of these terms, which shall remain in effect.

Applicable Law
These terms shall be governed by, construed, interpreted and enforced in accordance with the laws of Thailand and submitted to the jurisdiction of Thai courts.

Modification to the terms
We reserve the right to change these terms or related website policies. We will indicate the date of revision under these terms and the modified version shall immediately become effective. Your continued use of our website or services after such changes will constitute acknowledgment and acceptance of the modified terms.

Acceptance of the terms
You acknowledge and agree that you have read these terms and agree to all terms and conditions. By using the Website or other services, you agree to be bound by these terms. If you do not agree to the terms, you will not have the right to use or access the Website or other related services.

Contact Information
If you have any questions about this Notice you may contact us by using the following detail:

Predictive Company Limited 
10/35 The Trendy Office Building (1A floor), Sukhumvit Soi13 Klongtoey-Nua, Wattana, Bangkok , Thailand 10110

Email :  info@uat.predictive.co.th
Website : https://predictive.co.th/en/
Tel. : 02-1687651