Customer Data Platform (Part 3): Comparison between CDP vs DMP, which is more suitable?

How is CDP different from DMP and which tool should the brand use to solve its business issues? 

We believe that many brands may have heard of the Data Management Platform (DMP) and you may be wondering how it differs from Customer Data Platform (CDP), and which technology should brands invest in more?

First of all, it must be explained that CDP and DMP were created to solve different problems. Both of these tools were created to complement each other’s information.

  • CDP is designed to collect the whole brand data altogether from First, Second, and Third Party Data so brands can see the whole Customer Journey. If the data is used (A/B testing, etc.), the feedback data can be combined with the customer profile to make the data even more complete. This helps DMPs in using this data to analyze customer profiles and optimize ad campaigns.
  • DMP is designed to support targeted ad campaigns. By using Third Party Data (Non-PII information) such as Cookies and Customer’s device for analysis and use such information to optimize in various campaigns such as Lookalike Audience.

DMP helps enrich the data in CDP in which DMP focuses on analyzing third party data from Ads Network CDP focuses on collecting all of your brand’s data and syncing your customers into one.

In summary, if your brand has data stored in multiple sources (both online and offline) and want to combine that data for better understanding of your customers, using the Customer Data Platform is an important weapon of the brand which can be applied to companies of all sizes and industries.

As we are Google Marketing Platform Sales Partner and Google Cloud Partner who are ready to give advice from strategy planning to implementation. To help your brand create a great personal experience for customers. If you are interested in using Customer Data Platform, you can contact us via Predictive.

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